Kheda Arts & Commerce College

With an ever growing percentage of good students in our college, we feel proud.


Our Vision & Mission

  • Excellence in Education

    • We aspire to impart quality and excellence in all we do.
    • To maintain optimal academic standard.
    • To ensure availability of academic and students support services.
    • To provide the latest technology, infrastructure and facilities to support teaching and learning.
    • To foster  a  positive and vibrant campus environment.
    • To follow progressive and prudent academic and administrative policies.


    • We try to increase employability by grooming and equipping our students with Computer training, Vocational Guidance, Improving reading & writing, Proficiency of English & other than Indian Languages,  Entrepreneur Training, Comprehensive Personality Development Programs and like.
    • To provide our students with Distance Educational, Vocational Training & Professional Courses by getting affiliation or collaborations with other institutions, GOs & NGOs.
    • To give an edge to the theoretical Knowledge we also expose our students to practical and Functional all the subjects by forming  & offering short term skill oriented fee or low Cost courses.                                                                                                                  

      Integrity & Commitment

    • We Never Charge fees other then the prescribed by the University & Government.
    • College has adopted a policy never to accept any kind of Donation, Extra fee etc.
    • In order to avert interferences of other than Academic interest, we don’t allow external agencies  or persons with political or ulterior motives in our functions & activities.
    • Our motto is to serve the society academically and impart education at the lowest possible cost Unto the last’, so we avoid giving importance to other so called social ‘prestigious persons’ for the sake of monetary advantages. We provide best possible quality education at the least possible cost.
  • Our vision is to transform the lives of youth with a total educational experience of the highest quality in order to improve their employability to upgrade their socio-eco status.
  • To provide quality education to the students who don’t have vision, come from deprived section of society without any sound educational background, loaded with bad habits of irregularities, accustomed with mal-practices in examinations, having no command over any language (even in mother tongue)and to bridge the gap between these students and the standard of urban students so that they can cope with challenging changing world scenario.